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I have heard countless things that Shea butter can do -how it is useful for the hair, the face, the body in general. I heard how it can be used to treat several anomalies on the skin, also as hair treatment and a lot of other things. Well, I decided to try that and see.


Hello World

When I started my Shea butter journey, I had my expectations, I used it solely for the purpose of evening out the colour tone on my face and clearing blackheads.  As it is generally recommended that it is good to cream at night, I decided I would only use it at night at bed time. The only downside of this is that Shea butter generates heat, so you might want to put that into consideration before you start using it.

I didn’t realize it is not compulsory to use too much on the face to get the perfect result; all in all, my face experienced a noticeable change two weeks into my Shea butter journey The blackhead was already clearing and fading off,

I must admit that I enjoyed my Shea butter journey ( though i got lazy at some point), it worked for what I wanted it to work for. This experience gave me the courage to keep using it for my skin and I have started exploring other things that it can be used for. I will probably tell you about it some other time.

Have you ever used Shea butter for your skin? What was the outcome? Share with us in the comment section.

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