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If you love someone they must love you the same even more, Love is not one sided it is genuine and sacrificial. Love is not by convenience, is is real and trusting. In a relationship each party should be able to put in everything, let down their guard and truly merge and form into one being but if the other party is not willing then what exactly is the point of the relationship #mungopark

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Hello World

Hey Amaka.

I really need your help urgently . Am 22 years old and I was dating this guy for 3 years we couldn’t tie the knot because his way older than me with ‎14 years. I really loved him and he claims to love me too but according to him his mum wouldn’t let us get married. I decided to move on. To show I moved on I started dating someone new. I later found out my ex was getting married I even attended the wedding. I was a little sad but I accepted it as it was. A week later after his wedding and honey moon he comes back running to me. He keeps telling me he misses me and loves me so much that he wants to see me and even desires to be with me. I told him head on that am not interested because it’s wrong and am with someone. But this guy wouldn’t let me be. He keeps saying am his soul mate and blah blah blah. His driving me nuts. I have threatened to report him to his wife but he says she knows about  me. I don’t know what to do. He bugs me everyday. Saying he needs me I tell him he should seek his wife not me but he says he doesn’t love her but me I tell him he should have thought of it before getting married to her.  When I still don’t agree he then says if he cheats on his wife it’s my fault,that he l blame me because I wasn’t there for him. Can u imagine the rubbish. So please I beg of you advice me what can I do to get him off my back.  

Dear Stressed

I am glad that you have realized, this man is not worth your love, because a love that cannot withstand trials is no love at all. There are several ways you can cut him off, simply delete his contacts on your phone and all social media platform. You can also change your phone number or bar the number he uses to call you (check phone setting).

If he still tries to contact you on whatsapp with another number, block him every time. But it would be very difficult if he knows where you work and where you live. Give him a stern warning and threaten to report him to the police. Make sure any of your family that knows him are informed about the current situation. You can also arm yourself with a pepper spray because such a person can become a dangerous stalker.

If you have to go off grid do so, it is indeed for the greater good your peace of mind is paramount.

 This sister needs help darlings If you have any suggestion please share in the comment section below.

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