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It’s true that people fall in love at anytime and anywhere which the workplace is not an exception. Sometimes you may fall in love with your boss and start dating him before you even realize it, some people see it as a natural phenomenon but if it why do most companies put an embargo? The fact is it is unethical especially when the person is a superior and married, it will only dent the image of the organisation.


Hello World

Am currently dating a married guy who happens to be my boss. When we first started dating, he was just a senior colleague and nonetheless until recently when he was transferred to head the office where I am currently deployed to. So this means me taking orders from him and reporting to him too. He has the right to query or shout at me if need be as a boss. Here it is, this evening I closed an hour and 15 mins late because I waited for him as he was in a conference meeting the entire working hours. I waited back to hand over some important documents I received on his behalf. Meanwhile, my other colleagues closed the appropriate time and asked I stayed back because the previous day they closed late while waiting for our boss while I closed the stipulated time. So it was more or less like my turn to close late. (I stayed back with the office cleaner who had the key to the office)He got back to the office stressed out and then he shouted at me for handling him those documents without filing. I felt hurt because I felt I wasn’t even appreciated for staying back after the usual closing hours and I was shouted for little reason. Although he’s the one that doesn’t mix work with pleasure but somehow authorities above him had him transferred to my office. Now I got all emotional that he shouted at me and then two hours later, I sent him an official sms apologising. But truth is, I take my job serious so as to prevent him thinking am taking advantage of our relationship to joke with my job. That is what I don’t do. Please advise me, how do I handle him and my job same time? Sincerely, I wish he wasn’t my boss. Having him as my boss/boyfriend is complicating things already.  Can I please be advised on how I can enhance my working relationship with him? So I don’t get unnecessary emotional when he yells at me. Ur comments will help. Thank you.

Dear Worried

Before thinking of how to handle your relationship and at the same time handle your job, have you thought about your boss being married? For no reason should you fall in love with a married man. How are you sure this man has any future plans for you because that is the basis of going into a relationship. A relationship that is not leading anywhere is as good as not being in any relationship.

Lover girl look for your own man, this man’s heart is occupied and not free to love anyother person other than his wife. He will treat you worst if you continue with the relationship because he won’t have any regard for you so don’t try to manage your job and relationship rather try to cope with your ex boyfriend in the office as your boss to save yourself of future embarrassment.

Hey darlings, this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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