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It is extremely difficult to leave with a negative person, However some people are just habitually negative and don’t understand how miserable they make themselves look and the effect they have on others. Bad moods and negative attitude are contagious and you can help the person come out of this negativity only if the person see’s it as a problem but when the person doesn’t see it as a problem but blames you or the world for it then it will be very hard to help such person come out of it.


Hello World


Good day Amaka my name is Tina im 29 years old and married to a man who is 35. I met him in 2014 and April 2015 we got married but since that day I have never been happy for straight 2 weeks his family is wonderful but he is weird. He wouldn’t speak to me in weeks nor will he touch me, even when he hurts me no apologies. Several times he keeps malice for no just reason when asked what is wrong he won’t speak out, now I’m pregnant and almost due but his attitudes towards me hasn’t changed he keeps late nights every weekend I cant complain cos if I do nothing even happens I’m tired of reporting to his family I tried to confront him on what’s wrong why this strange behavior and it resulted to a serious quarrel that he even slapped me in this pregnancy I’m in a town where I have less friends and family members. I’m getting depressed no attention no love no communication and will leave alone can’t relate with neighbors or make new friends cos he doesn’t want anyone in his house . I just feel like I married the wrong man I blame myself for all this because we didn’t date for long, I’m thinking of moving out of this marriage cos I am not happy and I don’t want to raise kids with such attitude. Pls I’m confused on what to do I have been praying but he doesn’t seem to change he has once told me that his decision to marry me was out of desperation that he didn’t marry me out of love but wanted to please his family and start having kids, I need advise on what to do since I’m already pregnant will be having this baby soon.

Dear Depressed

You have tried to put up with your husband’s attitude, this attitude of his didn’t just start it is something that his parents had to put up with and if the parents couldn’t change him I don’t think you can. If he is in that marriage because his family wants him to have kids then what he needs is a baby mama and not a wife. He said he doesn’t love you, I don’t even think love exist in such peoples dictionary and even if he does you cannot risk your life for that because loneliness kills. It’s so unfortunate that his family can’t help you either so there is no point reporting to them.

You just need to take a bold step if you really care for yourself and your child because for him to slap you in your condition you never can tell his next action. This man has a very contagious attitude problem you cant raise a child with him. Please move out of his house and the marriage because there is nothing more important than your happiness.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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