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Hello World

I have being married for 5 years now 2 girls but have never enjoyed my marriage my hubby is not romantic throughout out my first pregnancy he never asked me how the baby was nor join me to the hospital or Even asked me how is my body and how is the baby kicking felt so down and just regretting marrying him baby was born she was delayed I mean she couldn’t meet her milestone all these while been battling with her traveled round the world for solution and also praying while I was away my husband always called for 1min to say how is her daughter but never asked me about myself now came back to him at home he is so boring and annoying in my mind why I ever married a man like this, there are so many cases I don’t want to mention he is so selfish self centred and self-absorbed have even called him several times at night to try and change we are not living like a happy couple there is no romance. I will be the one to celebrate his birthday when it come to mine not even a card what do I do, so confused leaving my marriage who knows if the other person I will meet won’t be worst than this, I have prayed to God am just in pain dying

Dear Sister,

I think you need to communicate with your husband, and by communicating you communicate well, express yourself not by shouting and bringing the roof down but by talking and speaking calmly in love, this is the way to communicate.
It is possible that both of you are different, its possible he is an introvert while you are an extrovert. Try to understand his person,his emotional needs,wants, and most importantly when to chip in words.
He might care more about you than you think but because of your type of person(being an extrovert) you are finding him difficult to understand and this is leaving you frustrated.
You don’t need spiritual intervention for the situation at hand but rather you need to try to work things out and face the reality in which find yourself.
We all have various and different love languages…you need to understand his first before he can understand yours. But if you communicate and try to show or tell him he needs to change and it doesn’t then you both need to seek outside counsel from a religious leader or a psychologist.

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