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Infidelity can shatter trust and breed insecurity and resentment, One of the most painful things that can happen to a wife in her marriage other than the death of her husband is his unfaithfulness. Actually,  They are almost the same in the sense that when your husband cheats on you, You also lose him to another woman. There is nothing so terrifying in a married womans life than her husbands infidelity, Losing a job, Losing a parent, Sickness of a child or relative, All of those things can be fixed and they have solutions that spouses can band together to overcome but an affair with another woman kills everything around any relationship and this makes many wifes to always stand up to their husband when they sense any sign of cheating.


Hello World

We have been marry for 6years now .He lost his job for about 3 years now and we have been managing.Then started behaving strangly I discovered he had this lover on facebook.When i ask him,He told me it was a mere friendship.I believed later i find an invitation later which he invited the lady to visit him.During this period he travelled out of town to meet was later on that i discovered it.I confronted him and he told me any thing he is doing is for me,she calls him her husband and she is making arrangment for him to meet her in her country.i have just discoverd she is visiting again.please what should i do?

Dear Worried

From all indications it is clear that your husband wants to get money from that woman and you never can tell what will happen if he is caught. He needs to understand that Its only a greedy and lazy man that will depend on a woman for survival, Come to think of it what if he goes to meet her in her country and start developing feelings for her thereby abandoning you here nothing is impossible you know. You need to talk to him, Make him understand the implication of what he is doing and the dangerous game he is playing, That woman is taking it far and is now calling him her husband if she finds out that he was married she might harm him and even inform the authorities which would land him in jail for fraud and extortion. Persuade him to go look for a job it doesn’t matter how small it is instead of trying to get money from that woman, It will help him.

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