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The loss of a job can put the vow “For better or for worst” to test. Nobody likes to think about being unemployed but it has been one of life’s top stress inducing events and its more common this days, Its always an uneasy time for spouses especially if it is the man that lost his job. First he will suffer a serious blow to his identity because most men define themselves by their jobs but that should not be the end. Coping with a husband that is unemployed can be overwhelming especially when the challenges are coming from the said husband. Some men are very lazy and do not even make an attempt to go for another job hunting rather they use this opportunity to act violently against their wife and blame it on the lost of job, There is a sure difference between violence and temper.


Hello World

I need your candid advice and help. My husband dosnt love me I got married to my husband 3 yrears ago i have a boy for him but i notice he dosnt love me. I do take care of the house ever since he lost his job few weeks to our weeding, he is a lazy man not ready to work but rather prefer hanging and drinking about with friends. He planned to start his own business but nothing comes out of it. I have spent all i have to take care of my son and the family. He has really shown me a lot like coming home late, eating n sleeping ,when everyone is out searching for ends meet. Last week his uncle in america sent him some money to start a business , he didnt tell me of it and he is still collecting my own money , i buy him cloths, phone pay the bills and do all a woman could do .i am even in debt and he is aware. I threatened him to pack my things and he said i should leave. He has beaten me twice and cheated on me i am very sad and depresed pls should i just leave this man.

Dear Depressed

As far as I am concern, Under no circumstance in this world should your husband lay his finger you. It is never acceptable, It doesn’t matter if he is going through a rough patch or he lost his job he should never beat you regardless of what you did. The worst part is you are playing your role as a good wife and mother while he is lazying around, drinking and even cheating on you despite you been a faithful wife to him. This man doesn’t love you and he is not ready to do anything useful with his life and i’m very sure you don’t want to raise your son with such a man. If you do not stand your ground now just prepare for more beatings because he did it once, twice and you where calm about it that will make him continue.

You are better off without this man, Of what use is he? He is not taking care of you and your baby the only thing he gives you is sadness and depression, He even asked you to leave to show you doesn’t care about you or your baby. Please leave him and take care of your son as you have always done when he is in his right senses he will come looking for you two.

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