Social media has has many effect on our lives, some have been very good while others have been bad, sometimes people over do the social media buzz and hurt the feelings of others around them, they over do the likes and comments and forget that the people in their lives can be affected by these actions. Yes it is your social media platform and account yes its yours but would you be happy if your partner starts liking and commenting on the picture of that hot dude/girl, you would not be comfortable and so why also try doing it to this partner of yours?

I am not a fan of social media love and affection but I believe that in everything we do there should be a level of respect for our partner, you know if we all did what we want our partners to do back to us life would be pretty much easy and love would grow.


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Good day. Please my husband always flirt with girls on facebook and whatsapp.even on calls.when I complain he says that I shouldn’t worry that I should trust him. Am not comfortable with this.What should I do. I have access to his phone

Dear Sister,

Hello World

It is very hard to trust someone that shows all the signs of cheating, maybe you are not talking to him the right way, maybe you are not telling him the right way, its a different thing to complain to someone about what they are doing wrong (this comes out mostly like a nag, and no one likes nags) and its another thing to express how you feel by communicating deeply, sharing your hurts and pains (this most times stabs the conscience of the offender, and most times lead to change). You should let him know how badly this affects you. You do not need to quarrel and throw a fit, simply talking to him with the right words would do the magic.

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