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Relationships face challenges from time to time, Most times a simple apology does the magic and bring things back to normal in the relationship. In some instances the game of who gets to say sorry first keeps the misunderstanding going on for days and even weeks. There have been arguments in which men finds it hard to say sorry even when they are at fault. It is all about men’s ego which women encourage, They see themselves as been victorious for the man to have chosen them among several other ladies.


Hello World

pls hide my identity.My issue may seem simple but it hurts me,I’m married to a very good man,he is kind and caring but the problem is when he hurts my feelings he doesn’t care to apologize and this hurts me cos I’m the kind of person who likes to talk things out and address issues so as to avoid future occurrence but my hubby won’t say sorry,he just wants to go on like nothing happened even when I’m crying he acts like he doesn’t see me and when I try to sit him down and express my hurt he turns everything around and makes it look like it’s my fault,i end up apologizing so peace can reign but I feel really hurt and hearing the word ‘sorry’ will really make a difference if I continue like this I’m always gonna be unhappy,he is never gonna care about my feelings pls wat do I do?

Dear Worried

Apologizing goes a long way in saving a relationship, But over time men have been accused of finding it hard to say sorry despite them being at fault, This is really a disturbing trend for women and it takes a negative toll on the family. This can only be minimized when women stop worshiping their husband and fueling his ego because they celebrate getting married as if it is a ticket to heaven.

It is not love for any man to refuse apologizing to his spouse especially when he is wrong and always expect her to be the one to apologizes. Any time he offends you, Insist on an apology from him, Don’t expect it, Demand it because if you expect it, It won’t come. It is not wrong to say sorry even when you are right and the other is wrong, It won’t reduce or make you less a person. If all men and women can always say sorry even when they are right and the other partner is wrong the world will be a peaceful and loving place to live.

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