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Discovering that your partner cheated or is still cheating on you is a shocking and devastating turn of event. It can turn your entire world upside down, immoral feelings, anger, Betrayal, Rejection and abandonment creeps into your life. You might want to get back at your partner by doing the same to even the score with him, You might want to do something that will victimizes and hurt him just as his actions victimized and hurt you, To make them understand how you feel and teach them a lesson, But the outcome of such actions are always the opposite of what you intended. Retaliation affairs can damage your relationship chances of recovery as well as your own chance of recovery.


Hello World

We have been together for 7years though every1 was against our relationship.It’s been 1 issue after the other. We have 2kids and I want my kids to have a proper home like I did. My main issue started in Jan 2014 when for the first time my partner hit me cos of a girl, I have been aware of him talking to other ladies but it’s outta hand. The deal breaker was I was very ill recently, while pple were rallying around to make sure am alright I found out he was busy jumping from 1 girl to another, how I found out was I was doing his laundry when an hotel receipt fell from his pocket(it prompted me to check his phone) the things I saw gave me the shocker of my life. This is some1 I fought my peeps over him, gave up my career for, received countless insults for only for him to do this to me at the time I needed him the most? It’s not that am bad in bed, To b candid I love good $3x so that can’t be an excuse( his own excuse is that’s what men do, it makes him feel youthful like really? Wtf).I asked him about it, he apologized saying it won’t happen again but this is not the first time I am hearing this. I am still trying to figure out where it all went wrong cos it never used to b like this or maybe am the 1 that was carried away. Every time he is asleep since that day I always feel like cutting his throat or poisoing him cos he is heartless. What if I died? All my suffering and humiliation will b in vain? For the first time in 7yrs I want to see some1 else/cheat on him and make sure he finds out so he can know how it feels. I am so upset n can’t get past this. I know I am supposed to forgive as a Christian but I really want to pay him back and I keep thinking of my kids. Please help

Dear Betrayed

I don’t think an eye for an eye approach is a good idea when it comes to infidelity, I know you are hurt and the fact that you fought with your peeps, Gave up your career and received insults all for his sake is overwhelming and you don’t deserve such treatment from him. But what can you do the deed has been done and you cannot continue with it. Your relationship is already vulnerable a retaliation affair will make everything more complicated and might disable any chance for the relationship to recover and you will even encourage him to continue cheating.

First if you really want to continue in the relationship you need to let it go, You need to deal with the issue that led to the affair in the first place, Let him know how you feel and how he has hurt you, Make him understand that real men do not cheat on their wife’s if that is the impression his friends have been giving him. If he is really remorseful he will ask for your forgiveness and will not go back to it.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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