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Being emotionally independent means that you take responsibility for your own happiness, Though certain aspects of falling in love can not be explained. Sometimes there’s just a spark and that will make you feel love drunk. However, a relationship can still go burning down in flames due to some things women do to sabotage a relationship and there are other things they do to make it more likely for a man to fall in love.


Hello World

See the foolish jobless man I gave a job .When we where dating, all he kept crying and begging me was to use my contact to help him, I felt pity for him because he became too emotional and aggressive , always angry and lamenting over nothing . So when I won the best staff in my head office, I was giving a slot in our up coming employment , so I put this my guys name.Luckily he got the job but a lower rank and was posted to one of our regional office in akwa ibom.This guy engaged me after 5 months and went to see my parents, we did everything in a very low key, cause my office will not allow both staffs who work in same organization to get married . One person must resign , and it must be him .I never changed my name or invited any body, it was a court marriage and quite traditional marriage .Things went ok and smooth, since we agreed to raise our family in Abuja where I am presently , while he comes visiting from akwa ibom . Until one day I asked him money to make my hair, which I have never done b4, because I just wanted to feel loved and cared for by my man , this man got angry Oo, saying that am mocking him cause I earn higher than him , I should never try it again or I just take my job and work both ??. The one that pained me was when I told him that he is ungrateful , and he said ( did u not use ur body to get me this job, or u think I don’t know that u slept with so many ogas, to get me this job. To show how cheap u are , u could not even get a good position for me , ashawo ). Blood of God , I was broken and that was how our marriage ended , we are still in court now about to finalize the divorce process . And trust me am collecting my job back , contract is over .Ladies never marry a jobless man Let them go and work The only thing u owe them is food , if U are kind enough , u add $3x .Very foolish set of men we have in this society , I don’t know who is raising them.

Dear Betrayed

The main motive of being in a relationship is to be happy. Though even best couples have their bad days, Fights and moments of disconnecting. But you should genuinely appreciate and enjoy the man in your life. However there should be no reason staying in a losing situation just because you don’t want to be alone. Your husband has been harboring this feeling in mind he was just waiting for the slightest opportunity to speak up. Most time people ignore signs of a bad partner because they want something to work really well without understanding not everything works well as we planned.

You were right to have ended the marriage because you can’t change his mindset towards you but have you bothered to ask him why he insulted you and are you innocent of the allegation? There might be a misunderstanding somewhere that you don’t know about, Don’t use that to determine your next relationship and there is no need paying him back by collecting his job, Let him be, It’s good you have not gone far with the marriage and no child yet that might make things complicated.  Since you have decided to divorce him forget everything about him and move on with your life.

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