Another Monday is here, do not worry guys this too would pass. Some traditions of old come and hang around our necks and cause so much confusion in the system of our existence. A friend got proposed to recently by her boy friend, someone she has been with for a while who is now ready to settle down, of-course the excited girl said yes, in her excitement she runs home to share the news with her family. Then her mum told her that she cant get married yet, she told her to tell her boyfriend to hold on because she cant get married before her three older sisters who are not married yet, she was so sad she felt it was wickedness and she moved out of the family house to cool off on how fierce this decision was coming on her. I personally do not understand it at all.

If her sisters do not get married nko, would she not marry? It is very amazing that this kind of traditions are practiced till 2015. I can not explain her situation and frustrations due to this.11910542_1062827150403233_1153560886_n

Hello World


I married in 2014 my husbands elder brother came to the house and took away my husband for a year + now and he has not returned don’t know where he is dint know what to do I’ve called his extended family spoken with his parents called pastors the parents say be cos his older ones are not married they feel he too should return home. I’ve gone to the court they say I have to wait for 2 years b4 a divorce can be granted the issue is giving me psychological  trauma can someone advice me as regards the court thing

Dear Sister,

This situation is quiet confusing to me, was your husband sleeping when he was taken away, was he taken away by force, was he kidnapped, was he compelled? All these are questions that pop into my head when I think about your story, its really confusing that they took him and he just walked away without looking back and since then he hasn’t contacted you at all. I strongly do believe he was not cajoled to do this, more like he was  part of the whole thing. How really did you people get married in the first place, if his family didn’t want him to get married before his elder siblings?

Since the situation has become like this, I would advice that you wait the two years out according to law and reapply for divorce, because there is no point waiting for someone who just walked out without looking back, not bothering to communicate with anyone. If you try to wait, how long are you planning to wait? what is the guarantee that his elder ones would get married soon enough or that if they get married he would come back?

For now, try concentrate on being yourself and being great, achieving things you have always wanted to achieve.

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