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Where do I start from, When I got the hairfinity product I thought it would solve all my problems. Perhaps my expectations where a bit naive and somehow I believe they were. I got two months worth of the hairfinity product like our winners in the competition and I was Excited about the prospects because my hair was damaged and since the product promised to strengthen and give healthy hair I was excited to try it out.

The first time I tried it, the smell from the bottle nearly sent me running to the other room but since I was determined to solve my damaged hair problem I bravely swallowed the pills. Now its a routine, you are supposed to take two in a day, One in the morning and one in the night although there were no written notes on whether you could take them all at once.


Hello World

I choose to take them all at once and trust me I was diligent. The first thing I noticed was my undergrowth. Now prior to the time I started taking the pills I had my hair locked in a protective hairstyle (sort of). I was rocking my center part and loving it. When I started taking the pills my undergrowth were thicker but I didn’t think anything of it until I had the weave taking out.

I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t look like my hair had changed, but I had hope so I continued even after I weaved my hair in a corn row fashion. The cornrows made me see the undergrowth even more, it was thicker and stronger and when I took it out I could see my edges in check (normally the braids would have pulled them out) but I didn’t notice any difference in my ends or body so I stopped taking the pills diligently.

I decided to asked my colleagues who were on the journey like me and they told me what it did to their hair but I still wasn’t satisfied and I complained about the slow process to my friend who has used hair growth products before and then she told me “No it doesn’t work that way, It can only help your hair grow faster and stronger but It wouldn’t repair damaged ends or weak hair”

So what was my take, I remember I said to my colleagues a month ago “I think I would have the worst hairfinity review” now that I look back, I actually don’t have the worst review because Hairfinity has made me decide to go natural, this is because my undergrowth’s grew at a fast pace thanks to the pills, It is indeed stronger and healthier than my relaxed hair.

The question now is would I use the product again, off course I would because in actual sense it does what it says on the label and it wouldn’t hurt to make my hair grow out faster.

This is my hairfinity journey what do you think? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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