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When two people with different personality and priority come together to form a relationship it is usually a delicate time for the two to learn and adjust their excesses, it is more complicated if one partner flares up at the slightest provocation. People that are short tempered get angry over petty things that doesn’t count. Most people are born naturally with such temper and controlling it can be difficult.


Hello World

I really appreciate this platform because after reading the stories , it has helped me one way or the other so as to know the kind of decision i take in my relationship.
I have known this young lady for some time now and we just started dating last year, but the problem about her is her decision taking whenever she is angry, which surprises me, i know she loves me very much but its just her anger, because whenever theres a little issue, she will ask for nothing but breakups, and i dont believe in breakups so ever since, i have been the one holding and keeping us together even of resent she is asking for it, though i think i am her first love. I have been the one who has changed her ways of life positively and i intend keeping her for the future.Please advice me on what to do because i love her soo much and cant let her go.

Dear Loverboy

People with short temper also have short calmness, that means they cool down just as fast as they get angry. So when you see your partner in such mood take a step back and wait for things to calm down, I’m not saying it is right for her to be hot tempered, but there are people who do not know how to control their temper even if they try. People with hot temper can display just as they can get away with and the worst you can do is argue or yell when they are displaying.

Look for a day when your partner is in a very good mood and tell her how her flared up temper is affecting you. You can start by telling her what will happen if she doesn’t control her temper, if you know she loves you just as much as you love her you can help her adjust this behavior. If she tells you she wants a breakup when angry, you don’t need to calm or beg her that time allow her calm down before speaking to her so she knows you are serious about your decision. You can only set a limit to her hot temper when you stop holding and begging her.

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