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They say that tough times are when you find out who your real friends are but I dispute that fact, Actually you find your real friends when you start experiencing success, Some friends like you the way you were, The way you were lonely, Unfulfilled and struggling alongside with them and when your world starts expanding it makes them uncomfortable. In some cases they always want to keep you small and always be your benefactor and when you want to change your diet or your lifestyle for the better they will not support you or be happy for you.


Hello World

Im confused, I’m a 26yrs old, I’m a gradute, working and I love my Job, my life isn’t perfect but is good. I have a problem.I have lost a lot of friends due to jealousy. Why are girls so jealous?I use to have a lot of girlfriends but they all seem to disappear as my life gets better. Im a very sweet girl. I’m always there for my friends when they need me. I work really hard for the things I have and to have a better life. But as soon as something good happens to me my friends seem to disappear.I just got a new car 2016 plate Mercedes and straight away 2 of my friends got really jealous and just stopped talking to me wtf? Why do women behave like this? I feel like i dont want to speak to anyone or get close to anyone anymore.On Saturday i went to a party and my own cousin didnt speak to me she was at the other side of the room giving me dirty looks and would look away each time id catch her. While i was dancing too i saw one friend from secondary school also looking at me with a dirty look. I couldn’t approach them and say hello because of how they were looking at me & i just felt really bad.I mean i don’t talk about people or hang out much because im always working (so i could have the fine things in life) & spending time with my family & bf. Could you please explain to me what is happening? I dont understand all this hate. Is this a normal experiencing?please advice.

Dear Confused

We are talking about jealousy, Something which can have a destructive effect on friendship if not well controlled. And it’s not always out in the open but rather wrapped under layers of quiet aggression and hidden hostility. But have you examined yourself if you are not at fault? All friends can never be the same there will always be one different person that will stand out from the crowd, You are busy quite alright but true friends create time for their friends and if you can’t sacrifice a little time for your friends instead of continuously giving excuse’s that will make them feel neglected this will create a bad impression in their minds.

Try reach out to your friends, there might be something you are doing that they don’t like or you might have offended them one way or the other. They might see you has having pride over your success or insensitive towards them. Plead with them to forgive you and that you are not seeing it from the angle they are. A friend will never tell you they are envious of you, It is up to you to get signs of friends that are jealous of you and do not want your success and the only way to know your true friends is to go close to them. The true friends will realize their mistakes and tell you your offence when you meet them with apologies, they will make peace with you. If after this some friends are still hostile towards you then that’s a sign of jealous friends and you should stay far from them.

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