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It’s not easy to put all your faith on your significant other, but there is still no denying the fact that trusting your partner is very crucial if you want to be happy in your relationship. However, many relationships has come to a messy end because of trust issue and with all the horrible stories of infidelity we hear about, it is really not surprising that so many relationships are suffering from serious trust issue.


Hello World

Ok my story goes thus: I’ve been dating my bf since Feb this year, he is a vry nice person, I use to think I was nice until I met him. we joke a lot like we can see a gurl with big ass and be like oh see yansh n all that, I don’t take offence cos I see it as a joke n I’m even glad he could joke that way with me. So two months back I took my friend to his place and she was all over him n all, the way she behaved really pissed me off she went to the extend to sit btw his laps while we were all in the palour watching TV in my very before, I didn’t react cos I didn’t want to look childish, after she left I cautioned my boyfriend and he said he couldn’t have pushed her away and it’s caused she’s my friend that was y he just left her when she came to sit btw his laps. After that day my boyfriend’s friend that was in the house kept disturbing me for her number cos he said he likes her n all, I gave him her number (his friend stays with him in his house). So fast foward to this month, my friend called me up on Monday and all of a sudden she was asking me of my boyfriend, I told her we r cool and I was with him d previous day, then she’s like she has something that has been disturbing her n she wants to tell me, she said my boyfriend has been calling her with his friend’s line and asking her to come to his! place that I’m not around and I didn’t have to know that he asked her if she do kiss and tell, she said he started chatting her up
On whatsapp with his friend’s line then when she was doubting he was the one he then called her with the same friend’s line, the 1st question I asked her was when it happened and she said 2weeks ago, like seriously 2 whole weeks n she kept that from me. The surprising thing is she’s been saying I shouldn’t ask my boyfriend I should just continue flowing with the relationship that she just wanted me to know the kind of guy I’m dating. I’m like seriously how do u expect me to live with that? Ok I called my boyfriend and I asked him and he denied totally (I didn’t expect less) He is now forming vex that I belived my friend and all that I should choose btw my friend and him. The problm here now is I don’t know who to believe.

Dear Girl,

There is nothing more vital than “trust” in a relationship and when it’s lacking, it’s really not good. This situation sucks, but there are excellent ways to handle situations like this where you wouldn’t question your partners loyalty to you. You witnessed the immoral act your friend displayed with your partner which are signs that something is going on in her mind and by questioning your partner about what she allegedly told you, you would only create a rift between you and your partner.

You do not have to believe anybody so you don’t end up hurting anybody’s feelings. You never can tell who is telling the truth or who is Lying and since you have no proof to justify that, you have to employ some  judicious means to get the truth so you don’t ruin your happy relationship because of lies. Apologize to your partner and try as much as you can to get the truth in a very prudent and tactful manner.

Hey darlings, this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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