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What are makeup dont’s? Ultimately, this are the things you shouldn’t do when you makeup, they are the mistakes that you thought were cool when really they are not.  Makeup tips fill glamour magazines, blogs sites etc although they are put there with good intention some of this advice’s can be a bit confusing and contradictory and this is because many of this “so called beauty experts” have no clue whatsoever and they just get it all wrong hence misleading a lot of people out there.

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Hello World

Like I said Beauty experts and editors who know the good stuff have put out a lot of articles on makeup don’ts and perhaps its not getting to the right people because everyday I see people who make this same awful mistakes and in my wendy voice I say “Its a Mess”. Am of the opinion that we need to arrest those that are abusing the use of makeup, Kilode! (what is it in Yoruba). Seriously this people need a tutorial and luckily I’ve stumbled on one and I can’t stop laughing Dodo’s Uvieghara decide to share her own thoughts on the menace that is makeup over do and I can’t stop laughing, This video is as hilarious as it is enlightening so I urge you guys to watch, and when you do share it with those you think make a mess of their face in the name of making up.

Below is a video of Dodo’s sharing her thoughts on this make-up mistake’s. Watch her and her Alter Ego Princess go at it. Scroll down to see the many faces of Iamdodos;

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