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Incompatibility is spreading like wild fire and affecting lots of relationships. Many people go into relationship believing that it is the ultimate life goal, they believe being in a relationship even if it’s bad is better than staying alone. The truth is when you are in a dilemma in your relationship, you need to get out of it ad show yourself that there is more to life than being stuck with a situation or person who doesn’t share your ideas, morals and love adventure.


Hello World

I met this guy some 2 years back, and we started a relationship. He had to travel and be away from the country, sometimes for a duration of 8 months or more because of a certification program. We talked about this. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the long distance separation, but I made up my mind to keep my man and relationship intact. For the first time in my life, I found myself taking nude selfies. We had a lot of Skype and Facetime calls. He knew I was just a phone call away if ever had the urge for $3x. There was no excuse to cheat, or so I thought. Fast forward to December 2015. Unknown to me, Oga had been frolicking with an ex-girlfriend. Long story short, she got pregnant. He finally had the gall to inform me in June, when she was like 6 months gone. Hmmm. The emotional pain is better imagined. Food? I was surviving on water and air. Where I see appetite. Sleep? That was a luxury. I went from a size 8 to a size 4. Took God’s grace to keep my job because I kept making silly errors and got several queries from my boss. She is aware I’m in the picture (or so he says). Like that makes any difference. He claims it was a one-night stand and that he was under the influence of alcohol. I had a premonition it would be a double birth. Lo and behold she gave birth to twin babies, a boy and a girl.
Now, she is relocating to Nigeria with him and the babies, claiming she cannot handle them alone. I’ve endured my pain in silence, praying for the strength to move on but this is the last straw that has broken my back. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Now, I’m done with self-pity. The babies are innocent and have no fault in this but as for this man, I have plans for him. Imagine he wants us to continue as before, like nothing happened. Says he might be forced to do the right thing by her, for the sake of the babies. Irony is, I could have gotten pregnant several times, but I considered his financial situation and didn’t. As for the baby mama, she will rue the day she got pregnant for him. I will grant her wish to have him all to herself, albeit at a cost. One she will never recover from. I’m filled with such bitterness, I don’t feel the pain anymore.

Dear Bittered,

Your situation is something that has become re-occurant in many relationship but should you endanger your mental and physical health because of that? I know how painful it is when a man cheats on you and goes about acting self righteous or making up excuses. From your message it is clear that you really gave the relationship your all but as it turned out your man was not cut out for long distance.

I don’t do this usually but I need you to take a cue from a certain Karueche Tran, she was hurt devastated and worst everything was played out for the world to see but did she die or try to exact any form of revenge? No… she took time to heal and that is what you need. Forget about this man because he is not worth a second of your thought, get engage with an activity that would take your mind off him, loose his contacts and cut-off all form of communication.

You need to know that revenge is never the answer, instead look in the mirror and begin to fall in love with yourself. This man is definitely not for you therefore there is no use exerting yourself over him.

Hey darlings, this sister needs our advice darely please help her out.

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