Sometimes the people you help are the one’s that would come back to spite you. The truth is, as you go on in life you learn a lesson every time. You can never really tell who a person is until they reveal themselves to you, you need to mentally prepare for the good the bad and the down right ugly. Life is not a bed of roses neither is it a bed of thorns it works both but it becomes what you make of it. If somehow you have been in a very bad situation the ability to learn from this situation to avoid future mishaps is key. But remember no matter how much you’ve been hurt never stop showing love and kindness because if you do you end up hurting yourself. Read today’s message.


Hello World

Good day madam,please i need your advice on this matter.
I’m 25 years old and my fiance is 41,I got a job  May last year  and I’m 7 months old in the office .
My boss who is the CEO of the company is single and asked me out for a  relationship, after making several enquiry abt his relationship status from his friends & family I found out he’s single and he recently left a relationship that is not working.I  agreed to date him.
Now he wants to marry me!
I introduced him to a friend of mine who was in dare need for financial assistance, since then I ve no peace of mind .
He keeps asking of this lady each time we are together, at first I thought he only care about her welfare but it has become a problem to me.
Just last week he sent her recharge card without my knowledge and called her,its nothing to me but i feel its not necessary, when I confronted him ,he said its nothing.
My bf doesn’t care about my own need again but yet he keeps telling me he wants to help my friend .
Just this morning he told me my friend sent him  a new month msg,meanwhile I didn’t get a flash from her.
Pls I don’t seem to understand what is  happening.
Should I confront my friend or watch things go …pls I need your feedback becos my head is aching badly.
Thank you in anticipation .
God bless you .

Dear Friend

First; you say this man wants to marry you, has he seen your people? How long have you been dating this man, do you know him well enough? Think about the questions, it is quite understandable how you feel and I would tell you one thing, you better open your eyes before it is too late. The fact that he keeps asking after your friend is a big problem so I suggest you tell your friend to cut all ties with him, if she wants help let her go through you. A friend that would text your fiance behind your back and keep quiet about it is up to something so you need to do what is best for you.

As for your man, you need to tell him that it is disrespectful and hurtful that he goes behind you on any decision concerning your friend (sending gifts and recharge card etc.), if he wants to help her he has to go through you and if he refuses to adhere then my dear you need to step away from this relationship while you are still un-scarred because its would only get worse.

A relationship is built on honesty and trust.


Hey Darlings why don’t you help this lady out, she is in desperate need of your advice please leave your comments in the comment box below.

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