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Unfortunately, only time can heal the pain of knowing that your husband cheated on you, and you can not say how much time it will take for the pains to heal. The truth is no matter how hurt you are you have to stop crying eventually and think of the way forward because there are lots of women who have gone through the pain and hurt of knowing that their husband cheated on them and they somehow survive, so you must also strive to survive also.


Hello World

My name is omotola but please i want to be anonymous. I am writing with a heavy heart. My dad impregnated his secretary and my mum now knows about it and she is so hurt like really hurt. My mum dont have friends except us and my dad. She entrusted her life to my dad and all she is saying is she is not happy and like she wants to commit suicide cos its like shes carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Due to the economy its affecting their business and we are meant to go back to school so that also is making her think but ive tried to cheer her up but nothing is working and her birthday is this thursday. I don’t like the way she is sad. Please i really need your help. Please what can i do please cos she means the whole world to me and i don’t like seeing her sad. pls help me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for creating this platform, keep it up

Dear Omotola,

I can only imagine the pain your mother is going through right now, the thought of being betrayed by the one person she trusted the most is so painful. This is a serious situation that you shouldn’t rely on people for advice because they will only give you what they personally think of the situation and how they think they might handle it if they were to be in your shoes. Members of the public are just sideline spectators that would either cheer your mother on to stay and fight for her marriage or scream at her to get out of her marraige.

Please allow your mother to cry and scream, it will help heal the wounds faster and make sure you are always there so she does not take any decison in a rush. Make sure she is in a good state when taking decisions and it should be in her best interest and give her sometime she will get out of that mood it’s just a matter of time.

Hey darlings this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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