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No matter how good your breakup went, there is still that tiny part of you that wants your ex back and makes you feel jealous about him meeting another partner. Jealousy is a powerful emotion that if not controled can cause lots of damages not only to you but to your ex as well, so there is no point feeling jealous or doing things that will make your ex jealous because it will only hinder you from moving on.


Hello World


Hello, please Post my story. I am weak emotionally, I can’t take a heartbreak, my ex doesn’t even feel any remorse concerning the fact that he broke my heart, I write this in tears, I can’t sleep either… He is actually flaunting his new girlfriend which is painful and I have not been able to have a boyfriend… I thought I got over him but no I haven’t…. I love him with everything, that I was willing to change everything about me that he doesn’t like, he made me feel less of myself that I was just checking myself if God created me ugly or beautiful… It is really deep… I tried making contact with him he said I forgot him and all those shit, later he left my messages on read. Am so sad that I need to know what to do really, both insults and words of encouragement… My Bestfriend made everything worse for me yesterday by meeting up with his friend and he was with them and some girl… She told me I was massively hurt hearing he was with a girl, we stay in different states but he came to mine some days back, no contact! Nothing! I called him to tell him I know he is in town! He just laughed and said he knows my friend told me, then he started avoiding me, then I told myself I wouldn’t call him again…I am a fine girl, if u see me u would think I have tons of guys around me and am happy but no I am not… It’s so sad I can fall in love this much and it can’t be reciprocated or rather him feel remorseful about the breakup even if he doesn’t like me at least not be rude about it… He hurt me real bad!!!!!! Am so sad, am losing my mind I want to be normal… please post this for me please

Dear Lovergirl

Your life didn’t end when you broke up with him and since it didn’t end there, it must continue. It is normal to feel the way you feel after a breakup especially when he has moved on and you have not but the best way to go about this is to ignore him both physically and on social media. If he is around occupy yourself with things that makes you happy, go out with friends and focus on yourself.

The best way to move on is to ignore your ex, ignore the fact that you ever experienced a breakup with him. Don’t post sad status update on social media or about how heartbroken you are, even if you haven’t moved on fully, fake it till you make it. Make him believe you don’t care that your relationship is truly over, he would end up wondering why you are happy when you are suppose to be crying over him. Don’t do things that will get his attention so he doesn’t see you as being desperate to get his attention

Hey darlings, this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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