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Once someone captures your heart and the relationship ends, it’s a difficult task to let go of that person. It’s not a good thing to rush into a relationship with someone you broke up with before especially if you broke up with fight, taking your time and giving the person some will be beneficial to both partners and will also give you the chance to reflect on your relationship and see reasons why you shouldn’t break up.

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Hello World

Please keep me anonymous, thanks. I will be 30years next month, single and earning a living (grateful to God). I really need to make a decision before then. When I was in university, precisely my 3rd year I had this boyfriend whom I loved deeply, he was my first boyfriend so I was fully committed. After I graduated, he moved to a different state and our relationship suffered so I did the needful by calling it off which he didn’t object to. I went for my NYSC and met another guy whom I dated for 2years and got engaged to, but I realised I didn’t really love him enough to compromise my ideas and faith (we fight a lot over these issues) and my dad was against the union. Tragedy struck in my family and my university boyfriend resurfaced as a shoulder for me to cry on, I used the opportunity to call off my engagement. Though my university boyfriend was in another state, we talked about ways of fixing and trying to work things out. I finally decided to travel down to see him and the reception was very cold, he was so nonchalant and completely ignored me or ‘us’. I left heartbroken. Fast forward to 6 months later, he’s back begging for forgiveness, how he was scared of commitment and has come to realized that I mean the world to him and he’s ready to marry me. His friends and family has been begging on his behalf… I’m confused and scared coz I know I’ve always loved him and still do but don’t know if he’s sincere this time…

Dear Confused

Before considering going back to your ex, you must consider if it is worth giving another shot, how was the relationship before you drew apart, can you trust him, have you decided to move on or your heart is still with him, what are his reasons for wanting you back? He might have just realized that he loves you and that is why he came back begging but you need to be sure so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

You should decide if you love him and want to go back to him, but you should know that relationships are supposed to lead to marriage and not marriage leading to a relationship so it will be best if you have a relationship with him first and get to see if he has realize his mistakes or not. The time it will take you to find out every detail is far better than the regrets that will come with making a bad and hasty decision so it would be best to take things easy don’t go for marriage rather take some time and get to know him better.

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