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Please, i am currently dating a guy who stood by me in hard times and even though i wasn’t in love with him by then, he had all the patience to wait. Now i am madly in love with him and he also does, but, the issue here is, we hv been together for 2yrs now and counting but his concentration is school school school nothing about marriage, now that he has got a job doing, i hardly see him and he keeps pulling away all in the name of,” i need money to marry u”. we even talked about it this morning n he begged me to hold on for him, i just wasn’t happy but i couldn’t say coz i don’t want to spoil his day. He is currently doing his masters and will be traveling outside Ghana to do his PhD. He keeps begging me to hold on for him and that he will marry me soon. But u know our African parent(Daddy) since all my sisters are married and i am the last born n only one left to marry, my daddy keeps calling and giving me pressure to agree to the other guys around.Amaka

Hello World
, what do i tell my daddy when he calls? i love my man so much.

Dear Sister,

You say he has stood by you through your tough times, why not stay by him during his, its not like he is cheating or doing something bad he is trying to grow himself, of course he needs money to marry you or would your dad give out your hand in marriage for free?

You attest to the fact that he loves you, i absolutely think you should hold on for him.

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I have the same problem my boyfriend force me to $3x… if don’t agree he will breakup wit me

Dear Sister,

If he breaks up with you then let him go, love is very understanding and considerate, it would not force you to do what you are not willing or ready to do. Please show him the exit door if he is not ready to wait till you are ready to take the step.

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 Hello Dear Amaka.
i like but dont’ love this guy. he has everything i desire in a man after much heart breaks from others but he is not the kind of man i find attractive to me and he is planning of getting married to me. and will b so hurt if i breakup with him cos He is so addicted to me and love me so much cos i’m a kind of girl every man we wanna be with. please what do i do?
If you do not love him why be with him, why encourage him and tie him down for so long. Marriage is not a day thing that you go in with someone you do not have total feelings for, if you do not love him let him go than tie him  down, you being weekend tieing him down.
I see that you say you are the kind of girl that every man would want to settle with, its good to have self respect and self worth but it is also very important to not sink in this, i strongly do hope this is not getting into your head and you seeking for perfection, there is absolutely no perfection anywhere.
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