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It is a normal experience for partners to feel jealous but it is important to not let it get out of control, Although it can also occur between siblings, family members and friends. If you are feeling jealous you need to ask yourself what you stand to gain, It is never a good feeling when you are extremely jealous because it will affect your relationship negatively and you will always interpret your partners behavior as otherwise.


Hello World

Hi Amaka,
 My boyfriend and i have been dating for a year now. We get along and we communicate a lot too. we have a lot in common and we are very much in love. the problem is that he is extremely jealous. Whenever i receive text messages on my phone or when i get a phone call and it’s a male he gets so jealous and he sometimes loses control of his emotions; he becomes verbally agressive and sometimes curses. The things he says are so horrible and painful that i sometimes brekdown and cry but i still love him so much.
He always apologises later on and he says he can’t stand the thought of another man having me. He traveled abroad a few months ago and we chat evey single day. we are always making plans together for our future and i promised to wait for him till he comes back to marry me. But he still continues his exessive jealousy. He is always asking me if men are disturbing me and when he does’nt see me online he accuses me of cheating and sleeping with other men. he sometimes spends a whole day asking my where abouts and when i don’t quickly reply to his messages he accuses me of being with another man. I sometimes Wonder if he has an emotional instability and it makes me worried. I am so faithful to him and i am not even interested in any other man. He has made alot of promises to me and he asked me to wait for him that he will definitely come back for me. When he starts his ‘jealousy attacks’ he tells me that his friends have told him to leave me that i would surely cheat on him ( but they don’t even know me). My family is worried about me too cos they Wonder how our marital life will eventually be. our Relationship can be so rosy for a week and then filled with verbal attacks for three days…
Please help me cause i’m begining to lose hope.
Dear Lover
Your partner has the right to be jealous, even you would do same if you see him with another woman. Frankly, if there is no trust in any relationship that relationship is baseless and his is complicated because he doesn’t know how to control his emotions and tongue. Its painful because he is jealous for no just cause and you get hurt at the end despite not guilty.
You should talk to him make him understand that you have never cheated on him and you are not planning to do so, he should stop listening to friends, He should trust you and you stop waiting for him to ask you of your where about, Call him first and let him know your routine for the day. After all this if he still doesn’t trust you let him go because you cannot change him because you love him, rather he should change himself because he loves you.
Ps: Many times signs of serious jealousy coupled with aggressive behavior leads to battery in the future. Ladies take note of this signs.

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