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Getting back with an ex is not an easy thing especially when both partners have a dirty past, Sure the two of you have made the decision and have concluded that you love and care for each other than your past and the two of you are ready to give this thing a go. And you are excited, But both partners fail to remember that getting back together after a rough breakup comes with its own group of challenges. No one that supported you will be elated that you foregone his or her advice and are taking back a guy he or she watched you cry over, Your mind will still be battling with your past that led to the breakup at the first place and you will still have doubts at the back of your mind-Its natural. The best thing is resolve to stand firm to your decisions and give it your all.


Hello World

Hi Amaka, I met dis guy October 2013, we started datin February 2014, he demanded I introduced him to my family, cos he had plans of we gettin married after my graduation, which I did, and he did same , we don’t stay in same state, but distance was never a problem, when we newly met, he was takin care of me , but at sm point he stopped, started forming broke , it stil didn’t change what I felt for him , I get my ticket to visit him, wit my money , and also fund bills when ever I visit, I got pregnant for him twice , he advised I terminate it ,we broke up dis February , reason He called me & told me he knows am cin other men, he gav me prove of what his was sayin ,I told him all he needed to knw , irrespective of how dirty it sounds, I felt opening up and askin for forgiveness would help resolve issues, we couldn’t resolve and broke up ,sm day in April, he called, sayin I shuld visit so we could trash out tins , dat same week we are about settlin, I found out he has bein datin sm1 since 2014, dey went to SA together, I also got to find out he has a child of 2 yrs, frm a different lady,, also found out he bring back girls frm the club , I called & asked him, he said was I expecting him to travel or go events wit a runs girl like me , I felt so pained , and dat his a man he can get any lady he wants , he said if I want the relationship I shuld quit my dirty life , and also change my number , which I did, but I felt I would be waisting my time , cos it’s obvious am gona be a side chic, all of dis went tru my head as I I broke down in tears, I was able to put every behind me, and moved on . of late he calls me to tell me he misses me & he wants us to make up , don’t want to compete wit a lady over him, cos it appears he loves her so much , but den I stil love him , even if I Hav moved on , Pls I need advice, do I settle wit him and continue the relationship, or ignore him

Dear Confused

Going back to your ex boyfriend is not the issue but keeping him, What is the assurance he won’t leave you again? There is no point going back to your ex if you can’t keep him permanently. You have a dirty past which he knows about and used it against you, He also has a girlfriend he has been dating since you guys started dating and two kids from another woman and they might be more you are yet to uncover. How will you cope with such if you go back to him? This guy never loved you he was just after what he is getting that is why he is calling you back so he can continue from where he stopped.

You can quit you dirty life for yourself and not for him, Make peace with yourself and rise above your ex that is the best thing you can do for yourself rather than going back to him because the relationship won’t go anywhere. Ignore him and put everything behind you and move on.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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