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There is a saying that if you tell a lie once all your truth becomes questionable. No lie is justified when it comes to a relationship, lieing to your partner means you have betrayed the love and trust your partner has in you. Telling your partner the truth though, might have a negative effect on your relationship which can be resolved but if you don’t tell  the truth, the feeling of guilt will always haunt you that is why speaking the truth is of utmost importance.


Hello World

I need urgent help….I am a 24years old lady….I am dating A Special Man I met Four Years Ago….We were good friends until recently, everything just got serious and he proposed to me….We agreed on no $3x before marriage because we are both Believers in christ…I also Happen to be His first girlfriend…Now the Problem is He is a Virgin and He thinks that I am a Virgin also….but I am not before I became a christian I had $3x with my first boyfriend, and also I made mistakes with two other guys…In total I’ve had $3x with three guys…so now how do I tell him that I’ve had $3x with three men in my life and how will he take it…I am scared….I love him and He loves me too…but I don’t know how to open up please help me..

Dear Confused

One of the things that causes a rift in any relationship is lies, if you break the trust your partner has for you it would be very hard to get such trust again. Being honest with your significant other is the best way to build a relationship and if that is broken it means the basis of the relationship is also broken. That you are not a virgin does not make you less a person and many have have gotten married to best men even when they were not virgins.

If your boyfriend has not asked you before and was just assuming, call him and tell him before it gets out of control and if he asked you before and you accepted being a virgin just apologise to him. He might feel offended at first but he would know you didn’t want to lie to him that is why you are correcting your mistake but if he finds out himself it will be more complicated and can cause a serious issue in your relationship.

Hey darlings, this sister is in urgent need of your advice, please help her out.

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