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When I hear of breakups it seems to be like one common theme that is consistent no matter the situation, They bring out the worst in people. Its really devastating recovering from a break up when your boyfriend tells you he doesn’t want the relationship anymore. One woman can’t love a man enough by herself, At some point he has to step up and love you back and if he doesn’t you have to accept that your boyfriend doesn’t love or want you again in his life.

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Hello World

My heart is so broken and I don’t knw what to do, my 6years relationship is crumbling, am not a liability to a man,am a graduate and am also fashion designer, some time last month I was together with my bf we were just discussing generally, talked about cheating and toasters, den I told him if I don’t have toasters den am lieing but I don’t give them room for anything to get deir hopes up, for 6yrs have been with my man have not cheated not dat am bragging or am perfect or d most beautiful but I just have that mind set if you love someone so much why den would you cheat, so my bf told me no na I should hang out with d guys once in a while and eat deir money, I was like are you for real, den I just let it slide, later part of d day I checked his phone and saw he saved a girls num d way he saved mine and even have d girls mum num, I was like wow so I called him to sit down let’s talk honestly I never intended to quarell, he was d one dat got mad and e hit me and he said infact he’s done with the relationship den I knelt down and I was begging, I din even knw wat I was begging for e was shouting and he finally left d room, days later he was sending me text as if everything was OK with us, then I told him we are not cool, said so many things hoping e would go check himself and change, after that he stop calling nor texting for a month, yesterday I just decided to chat him up, den e told me not to send him messg again I should move on, he can’t settle for less, I was like am I now less, he said yes between someone is pregnant for him and he wants to settle with her, that she gives him joy now, so I should go away, he even sent d girls pix to me saying, I should read between the lines that he has moved on to someone, dat am not loyal, I don’t have respect I was like dats not an excuse how can you hurt me with words like dis and he said he mean everything and he regret nothing. Wen he’s sending me all dis messg am even begging him, crying my eyes out, cos I don’t even knw where to start from. Some one I build my world around, all of a sudden he treats me like trash. I told him I won’t abuse you or say anything negative

Dear Heartbroken,

There is nothing wrong with talking to your boyfriend, The truth is he has been looking for an opportunity to end the relationship by asking you to hang out with guys and extort money from them which he knows is not a good idea. He has been cheating on you and doesn’t love you that is why it was so easy for him to move on without thinking of the six years you guys spent together. Your boyfriend isn’t ready to be in a relationship with you and you have to accept the fact that if you go back to him you will not get the kind of relationship you deserve.

It doesn’t matter how much you love your boyfriend or what you think about him you can never change his decision or get him back  its that simple. You might give your all into any relationship and if this person you are giving all to doesn’t love you he won’t think twice before hurting you so why suck yourself over such a person. It’s pointless begging for a relationship that is not worth it. This man wasn’t meant for you and you have to accept it he was just an experience in one chapter of your life. He doesn’t love you, He has moved on and asked you to do same, You need to listen to him and let him go.

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