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Love is not the only thing partners need for a relationship to work, yes it add bliss to your relationship but such bliss can be tampered with when there is no respect in the relationship. I have seen most people say women want love more than respect and men loves respect more than love, but the truth is if any of this is lacking in any relationship, such relationship will not survive.


Hello World

pls I need your advice/opinion on this issue… Hv been dating my man fr 6yrs nw, we love n respect each other buh ryt nw respect is kind of Lacking in our relationship his just 2yrs older Dan me, buh since last year d relationship has bin getting kind of annoying d disrespect (each time we hv issues) its gettn too much mostimes wen we hv a misunderstanding he just says m tlkn rubbish or bullshits, and out of regard n respect I hv fr him I dnt reply such I just tell him such a word is bad dat he shud stop it buh no he never stops…….. D lastime I tried telln him likewise he said we are not d same cux his a man or d man rather dat am nt supposed to tell him such, wen his nt yet married to me o, Imagine I find that very disrespectful.My question is it disrespectful for a girl to reply same bad word to her spouse “in a relationship” wen he insults her

Dear Troubled

Many relationships have suffered, when love directed to each other is not accompanied with respect. It’s never easy or enjoyable ending a relationship but it is a courageous step especially when the person is in a relationship that is not yielding positive results and always ending in unsolvable conflicts. You will only escalate the issue if you decide to retaliate the insult so it’s best you remain quiet.

If you are tired of dealing with lack of respect in your relationship, talk to your boyfriend again and this time in a private place where there would be no interruption, make him understand that it is the only problem your relationship is facing, be clear about your dissatisfaction, hurt and confusion then you can give him some time to change. If after this he still doesn’t change, you can seek professional counseling.

Hey darlings, this sister is in dare need of your advice, please help her out.

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