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I recently brought up the issue of ex’s with two of my friends, We were all listing ex boyfriends that had they propose we would have accepted, We thought of the consequences if we had accepted and frankly, we began to thank them for not even proposing. You might be dating for a year,two or three and always getting this “when are you going to get married”question from friends and family and you feel relaxed that you have found the one. But have you? Sometimes we get so focused and bother ourselves why he hasn’t proposed instead of asking ourselves if he is really the best choice for us.


Hello World

Hello Amaka,
Good morning and thanks for this chance of helping out people with advice. please do not publish my email address.
I’ve been dating this guy for 5 years now. we started while we both were in the university and things were going on between us very smoothly. After his graduation he went to military school while i was still in school. But when he started working, he became less concern about me. And I’m that kind of girl who doesn’t like premarital $3x. On the other hand, he loves $3x.
   we actually loved each other at first and because of the $3x issue, he didn’t care about me anymore as time went on. i suspected he was dating a different girl. in the course of seeking attention from him, we were always arguing. so about 4 months back we reconciled and started planning on how to start our lives  together. just after some weeks he called me and said since we always argue, we should go our separate ways. i thought he was kidding until his sister confirmed to me that he was about to get married.
I spoke to him and pleaded for us to come back together but he refused since he’s soon getting married. please i really love him.
and am confused of what to do. Can i still fight for him? or just allow him to get married to the lady he’s engaged to?
Dear Lover Girl
It is not how far but how well you might have been dating for five years but is he the perfect man for you? If he loves you he should love you and everything that has to do with you, $3x is never a determinant of any relationship and if his love is based on $3x then he does not love you. It is crystal clear that he doesn’t love or care for you.
Relationships are from the heart not by fighting or pleading, you reconciled with him but he didn’t he was only playing with your emotions that is why he could call you after some weeks for you guys to go your separate ways without any remorse or guilt of hurting you. It is very hard to do but Please allow him go and marry the lady he is engaged to, forget about him and move on.
Hey darlings,this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.
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