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Believe it or not there are things you can do when you find out your boyfriend has betrayed you in the worst possible way by being with someone else. At this time you will be in complete shock, denial and pain that you wouldn’t want to lose your boyfriend and you might decide to stay back but before you decide to stay you need to evaluate if the relationship is worth saving remember loosing a bad relationship will help you know your self worth.


Hello World

I will really love you to help me out dis is my story,i and my bf will be dating since 2012 I really love dis guy but he claims to also love me but he is cheating on me a year ago but still stayed in d relationship becos I love him en I will do Anytin to keep him d girl he was cheatin wif me on later find out abt me i.e I en d gal later knw ourself she was rasdy to make life a living he’ll for me always taggin me on stupid comment tell ple to tel me to leave he man. The man she knew nothing abt but dis guy will tell me to calm down dat he will make dis right for a year nw d gal always call him en dey both talk almost everyday my question is I dnt no wer I stand in dis relationship any longer his frds will always tell me I shd be clam dat he loves only me but I dnt no our true is it en I gave it all to d relationship I dnt no wer to start frm

Dear Lover girl

You don’t have any stand in that relationship, this guy is just brainwashing you for you to stay with him probably for some reasons known to him. If he truly loves you he won’t continue cheating on you with the said. That they talk everyday and the girl keeps harassing you on social media means they are still in a relationship and they are not ready to quit anytime soon. I can understand when a married woman does not quit her marriage to a cheating husband but I can’t understand you staying with a cheating boyfriend when you are not married, Do you think it will get better anytime soon?

You have waited for a year now and there has not been any changes for how long will you remain calm and ignorant of everything? His friends are just helping him cover up his tracks, You need to move on with your life you don’t have any stand in that relationship. It is better you quit the relationship now than waiting for him to dump you later.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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