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It’s hard to find someone who never, ever gets jealous but at least once in a while and that’s okay. A little bit of jealousy is normal in every relationships, But when there is too much jealousy it can put the relationship in danger. When someone is too jealous, They also become over controlling and possessive which can lead to an abusive relationship and if they don’t go that far, There will certainly be lots of fighting and sadness in such relationship.


Hello World

I’m 22, a graduate presently working. I’m a very very pretty lady(don’t mean to blow my horn) but I need to know if that’s what causing my relationship issues. My boyfriend of 8 months is so insecure that we have called it quit countless times because of TRUST. He says I have too many guys around me,certainly I must be having $3x with them or I’m a runz girl.the truth is I don’t even hang out with these guys we just talk/chat and that’s all .i see no harm in having male friends just to keep me company At times when I’m bored or just need someone to talk to apart from my boyfriend. Now he called off our relationship caused of a chat he saw on my phone last night(a friend called me honey), please amaka should I call him to apologise or move on? Is this normal for guys? I’m I doing something wrong?

Dear Pretty Lady

A relationship is suppose to be built on trust and if your partner does not trust you then you have a problem, Your boyfriend should trust you enough without thinking of something else going on when you chat with other guys. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean the opposite $3x doesn’t exist. Its understandable when your boyfriend gets upset when you flirt with other guys but it’s wrong of him to get angry for you chatting casually with other guys.

Before deciding what to do at this time you should ask yourself several questions, Would you do it if your partner is right next to you? Or do you feel guilty in anyway? If it is a particular behavior that your boyfriend does not like, Have you tried explaining to him? If you do not feel guilty in anyway and you have never cheated on him before, You should call him and apologize, Tell him you have never cheated on him and you do not intend to do so. After apologising and he still insist you separate then let him be and prevent yourself from having to deal with an abusive relationship.

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