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Many people make the mistake of thinking that keeping an ex boyfriend is the same thing as keeping a boyfriend that you are dating for the first time, but it’s not there is a distinct difference. Women are notorious for allowing their emotions to take hold of them, your ex might be missing you and want to come back because you controlled yourself and presented yourself as a strong and stable woman after the break up, but that is absolutely not love.

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Hello World

I need serious help, earlier this year my ex boyfriend broke up with me and i had this friend who was always there and before I knew it I realised I really liked him he always asked me out but I was in a relationship so i always said no and when my ex broke up with me i was very vulnerable and he was always there for me took me out to get consolation food was there when i needed to cry , when i needed to talk to someone and before i knew it i was in love again and we started dating and we’ve been dating for 5 months now and I am really I’m love with him and I’m sure but my ex keeps coming back into my life confusing me and begging me to please forgive him and I know somepeople dont talk to their ex’s anymore but I still talk to mine not to look like an ungrateful person cause he was there for me during very hard times in life when I was going through a serous breakdown cause of my muns death and so many other things so I’m very grateful for that and sometimes I think I love him and sometimes I’m sure that I don’t . Am i just confused due to the memories we had and I really like my present boyfriend he’s perfect and I know that people aren’t perfect but has close and he’s everything , he dosent give me any stress gets me what ever I want when ever I want it and my ex keeps sending me text messages that he wants us to be together I should dump my present boyfriend blah blah blah.. please help

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Dear Confused

You don’t go into a relationship because of a good deed that the person has done for you, if you do not have a legitimate reason of reuniting with your ex then you are merely planning to fail. The residual feelings you are having now is a normal feeling for all who have gone through a heartbreak, jeopardizing your happiness for someone who left you before doesn’t make any sense. He might be regretting his actions but it’s a mistake on his part and he should bear it.

Maintain your dignity and respect with your present boyfriend, leave your past behind and focus on your future, he left you and not the other way round. You never dumped him for someone and so you shouldn’t dump someone for him, you don’t keep contact with your ex that does not want your happiness so its best you cut the conversation and let him know you can’t leave your present boyfriend for him.

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