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One third of women have commited abortion in their lifetime while some that haven’t gone through such will have a friend who has committed an abortion or might be considering it as an option. Abortion has a cultural stigma that almost everyone knows about therefore women who have had an abortion always make it so secretive and wouldn’t want to spill it out or talk to any one about it especially their parents or guidance about it.


Hello World

Hello,please keep me anonymous.I need advice on an issue,a good friend of mine has a boyfriend…they do alot together and they are $3xually active…she has had about four abortions for this guy and right now she confided in me again that she is pregnant,I warned her after the fourth one and she promised to be careful…the doctor already told her that after the fourth,that her uterus is already weak and any other abortion could be life threatening , mind you she is just 21,while I’m 18…her parents are overly strict,therefore she is scared about her uterus and her parents,I’m a medical student so I know a lot about a damaged uterus…her parents know me well that if she aborts, they know that I was aware of the decision…and i don’t want to get into any trouble,in case she dies in the process of abortion..should i tell her parents?,should i tell mine? i deny knowing about it?..or do i just keep silent?,thanks,

Dear Friend,

Your friend is way too young to have gone through three abortions already and committing the fourth when she knows it’s going to be complicated is a very bad idea. She is merely putting her life at risk for nothing because relationships that has gone through several abortions hardly ever work out. She has confided in you and it is your duty to help her realize that she is jeopardizing her future by going on with that abortion.

She might be afraid of her parents reactions and how community frowns at it, but it is more palatable than a lifetime of regret. Her parents will one day get over it and move on but when she ruins her future they will never forgive her. You need to assure her of your love and support so that she knows she is not alone, because that would be her only strength to face any situation coming her way.

Hey darlings, this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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