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Dressing up is such a big deal for a muslimah but because you are trying to be modest doesn’t mean you should miss the whole point. Modesty in itself is marked by simplicity and this affects all aspects of a muslimah’s life but it doesn’t mean you should dress shabbily?

Appearing shabbily doesn’t equal modesty, the two terms are very different. Looking worn and tattered and saying that you are modest is not modesty at all rather looking trim and comfortable is modesty, therefore there is no crime in putting your outfits together, using a brooch, color coordinating or embellishing your attire with embroidery.

It’s important to always stay clean, neat and gracious but it would be so bad if you have been blessed with the good things of life and yet you dress shabbily. You need to remember that your blessing didn’t come to you so that you would look dilapidated rather it comes to you so that you can be thankful yet humble in spirit.

Your conduct and your appearance speaks for you, therefore if you know that you have been blessed then you should step up your style game. Many feel that there is little or nothing they can do about their style but I say to you, there is quite a lot that you can do if only you take time.

There are so many muslimah fashion star’s that have dedicated their social media pages and blogs to bringing you tips that you need, how to dress up simply and correctly and how to create fabulous ensembles by piecing unlikely pieces together. From the lot of gorgeous and stylish muslimah women out there, here are 6 pictures that would inspire your style choice.

Scroll down to check out cool muslimah inspired outfits and styles you can mimic;


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