Am super excited to share these styling tips with you guys. No, am not pregnant but Yes, I have stumbled on quite the fashion styling guides for pregnant women, especially women who are Muslims by religion. You see, whether or not you are a Muslim, as far as you are into modest fashion, what I’ve learnt is that embracing the fashion guides from Muslimah Influencers have a great way of showing you what “Modest Fashion” truly holds.

Every maternity mom’s nightmare is waking up and looking like a sack of potato, but for 70% of mothers, that exra weight is a given however whats not part of nature is being a “potato in a potato sack”. To avoid such a feat you must make it a point to look new and feel comfortable and confident in your new body.

Explore with me, the maternity fashion of a stylish Muslimah. Basma Kahie is one of the most fashionable Muslim Influencers out there and styling comes real easy to her. BASMA kahie understands that comfort and style during pregnancy cannot be compromised, she also knows that there are stylish brands, cuts and patterns that are classic enough to pull off.

Of cause as a social media Influencer, Basma Kahie cannot afford to be regular, her business is in what we see and so if you are like her then you can take a cue from some of her fabulous style looks. Scroll through to check out some of her fashionable picks.


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Source: Instagram | Basma K

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