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We are all familiar with owambes as most weekends are full of them. Weekends always give us a full dose of aso ebi styles. These owambes are usually one of the many ways we relax during the weekend from a full week of work whilst having fun in celebratory mode. One peculiar thing about these owambes is that there is usually a showcase and display of aso ebi styles which is why we can get enough of them.

No matter the owambe, aso ebi has become a fundamental part of it, I guess this is why owambe is not complete without aso ebi. We have been there and see how Nigerian ladies rock and slay aso ebi every weekend.

So you think you’ve seen enough aso ebi styles from this last weekend, then maybe you should have a rethink because every weekend has so much aso ebi styles we can’t but keep talking over which is why our week at Madivas is usually full of aso ebi.

Wondering if you’ve seen aso ebi styles, then you should check these collection of more aso ebi styles from the last weekend…


Hello World

Aso ebi





Ankara aso ebi

Aso ebi is now the it thing to style at owambes. How often do you style it? Which of these aso ebi styles is your favourite? Be sure to share your answers with us in the comment box.

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