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In every wedding, there are the hotties that angle out. Yay or nah? Well, I consistently put in efforts to be one of them. You would agree with me that one of the ways to be an hottie at weddings is with aso ebi. With the right curves flattening style, right accessories and of course, right make-up, you are sure to be classified as a hottie.

Talking about the aso ebi, I’m positive and sure we’ve all noticed the latest aso ebi trend of different hues and shades of a particular colour being styled as a whole outfit. Well, that’s the monotone fashion. This breathtaking aso ebi trend has been making waves for sometime now and sure looks like it isn’t going anywhere soon. As party-lovers, we have embraced it fully.

Mature as a fashion statement, the monotone aso ebi trend is being looked upon favorably by many across the globe now. Women across all age groups agree with wearing the monotone trend.

Monotone looks are a chic and understated look that says so much within its simplicity. It’s also a huge trend for this wedding season as there is something special about the trend that brings out elegance in whoever wears it.

However, there are some tips you should know before going for the monotone aso ebi trend…

  • Pick a color that compliments your skin tone and body type. You know the color is the highlight of your look. Picking the wrong color can ruin your whole look!
  • If you wish to wear a pop color because that’s the theme of the party or you’re in the mood then be sure to wear it the monochromatic way i.e. mix and match the ensemble with varying tones (tints and shades) keeping one piece in the pop color. You don’t want to end up looking like candy!
  • Wear your accessories in the neutral shades to break the monotony.
  • Keep your makeup simple.

To keep you updated with the monotone aso ebi trend, here are some styles for you…


Hello World







Light pink



While a monotone look may seem too difficult to perfect, it’s not that intimidating once you get to understand the need to balance.

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