Money Talk 101: Relatively Easy Services That You Can Start As a Young Diva To Earn Money


Hi Divas,

Its no secret that we all want to make money, gain financial freedom and be generally happy. The truth is money-making is a skill. A very important and learn-able one. We decided to compile a list of services that young divas can offer either part time or full time without breaking the bank. Depending on your skill set, some of the mentioned jobs can actually fetch you a decent steady pay

Freelancing Jobs

We are in a digital world. It’s as simple as that. There are a billion opportunities for freelancers out there. You can be a writer,  a freelance graphics designer (I personally know this one is in very high demand in Nigeria), if you have some computer coding skills, you can become a freelance developer. You can literally be a freelancers for literally anything. The steps to become a freelance is pretty easy; Open a fiverr account start promoting your service, whenever you get hired ensure you perform with optimum efficiency to boost your ratings. The higher your ratings, the better for you. The interesting thing about Fiverr is that you earn in dollars sef!! Isn’t that ‘beta thing’ in this our hard economy.

Home Tutoring Jobs

For those of you in Nigeria, home tutoring is a very interesting and productive maker. If you have the passion for teaching and impacting knowledge into others, you can easily decide to become an home tutor. It’s that simple really. The tricky part about becoming an home tutor is marketing yourself so that you can get high paying offers from clients. There is a service called for that. Already, they get a lot of request from clients looking to get home tutoring services. Just sign up with them, pass their interview and start getting offers from clients. Some of their tutors earn as high as N100k per month for taking more than 1 client.

Become an Instagram Celeb

Ok, I admit this one is a little bit tricky but am sure by now you would have figured out that guys like Crazeclown, wofaida, tywse are making good money off Instagram by dropping 10 sec  short engaging videos on Instagram. If you know that you are the funny type. Put up something really interesting and engaging. If you need some sort of support publishing it to many readers tag @madivasmag on Instagram and we would be willing to push it for you for free.

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