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In Western Africa, Nigeria to be precise, the “gele” is an accessory worn with a traditional Nigerian outfit. It is usually worn by females with a traditional attire, for special occasions like weddings, naming ceremonies, burials, church services, and religious celebrations.

Geles are worn by African Women to complement their African outfit. To be honest, Gele is the crown of the outfit, the frame of the picture, the highlight etc. Gele gives a woman dignity, respect, attitude. It’s the fashion accessory that the African woman (particularly the West African woman) cannot do without.

If there’s one thing we have noticed, gele changes the look of almost anyone. It makes you feel somewhat regal, like a queen to say the least. The gele can be tied with different textures of fabric with interesting colors, textures, patterns, and designs.

People often find it difficult tying the gele themselves as they feel it’s by some miracle that some people are able to create such amazing styles with the fabric. Well, for all those culturally diverse and broadminded females out there, this is a gele look-book for you. So hop on and let’s go on a fashion journey through a diverse culture…


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