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Gele is a very important form of expressing our cultures and traditions in Nigeria. Ibos call this headgear, Ichafu while Yorubas call it Gele. This gele cannot be overlooked when it comes to occasions. The Yorubas especially, love and cherish this aspect of fashion like “kilode”. Hardly would you attend a traditional wedding be it, Ibo, Hause or Yoruba, that the gele is wouldn’t be noticed its bold and sophisticated style of tying is enough to cause steers.
As Africans, gele tiying (head tie) is part of our dressing and culture, they have been part of Africa’s History and different Cultures for years. Starting as early as 1700. They come in many shapes and sizes. Times and times again, there are new ways to tie gele; the old school styles are also making a comeback but in trendier ways.
For a regular African going for an event, the gele is complemented with the perfect makeup. Gele and makeup have the power to automatically transform the wearer into a very beautiful person, but often times people are usually in a dilemma of whate gele and makeup styles to go with, one thing we need to remember however is that not all gele and make-up suit all body tones and face shape, you must therefore go for gele and makeup that suit you to achieve perfection.
Here is a look-book of gele and make-up inspirations for you…

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