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When you think Mohawk, you think retro, you think back in the day when it was quite the look. Well the Mohawk hairstyle might not be mainstream at the moment but its still one of the looks to go for if you want something totally different from the norm. The Mohawk hairstyle sets you apart from the crowd easily. There are so many options to choose from here are some ideas you can work with;

Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

This hairstyle enjoys a huge audience because of its ability to look sensual, romantic and tough at the same time. This Mohawk hairstyle is ideal for women with long frocks who are not ready to shave the sides of their hair.

Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk

Hello World

Curls And Braid

This Look is charming and it works well with medium length but thick hair, the small details and highligh add a very chic touch which is guaranteed to bring out another beautiful side of you.


Curls And Braid

Glam Braid Mohawk

This Mohawk hairstyle is more on the elegant and glamorous side and its a perfect look for an event, with the way this Mohawk hairstyle is achieved it is guaranteed to highlight your neckline, outline and it would expose your cheek bones.

Glam Mohawk

Side Braid with Curls

If You are scared to shave the side because your hair doesn’t grow enough you can braid your hair up top. add faux weave or if you are a naturalista leave out your curly locks.


Side Braid with Curls

Victory Roll Mohawk Hairstyle

This Semi mohawk style is gorgeous creative and classy the upside is the fact that its best for women with dreadlocks, this style would make you look different and elegant and the downside is the fact that as long as you carry this hairstyle you would have to sleep on your side.


Victory Roll Mohawk Hairstyle

Shaved Mohawk

First yo have to be really bold to rock a shaved hair as a woman, and next to achieve this look you have to consult your hairstylist because everybody has different face shapes so you need to figure out what shaved look would work for your face.


Shaved Mohawk

There is something for everyone here, but you have to be bold enough to be able to rock this look.

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