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There’s right and wrong when it comes to modest fashion for church depending on the denomination in which you attend. But one thing I’ve realized is that it doesn’t matter what church you find yourself there are looks that fit right into that place of worship. Yea, many people are afraid of being in tune with modern fashion because their church dictates a certain type of style, for example most people in churches like FAITH love their traditional pieces or A line maxi skirt, but the truth is there are so many modern looks that you can find that are super descent and doesn’t affect your honour in whatever church you find yourself.


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These modest fashion for church guide book contains ideas that are most certainly going to help you navigate the world of fashion…

Modest Fashion ☀️ For Church | Guide-Book








Why modest fashion for church instead of for all? Well thanks to the different religions and denomination of each religion, doctrines are different. For example what the Catholics can wear to work is not something a deeper lifer can wear, it’s all distinct but there is a common denominator that attaches this two different denominations together and that’s the word – Modest.

Modest is the word used for all religion because religious people all over the world preach modesty and simplicity and the Christian way is no different.We do hope that you find these break-downs very helpful.

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