As much as you love your towering heel and ripped jeans when it’s Sunday morning its time to fold those and keep them somewhere because you can’t and shouldn’t be attending church with them. Its okay to leave then at home on Sunday after-all you have the rest of the week to wear them if you like. As far as most churches are concerned, the appropriate style for church is conservative, modest and subtle as opposed to the clothes that would make you look like you are wishing a new drink would appear on the cocktail menu.

Right now, the new millennial style is athleisure, sports wear, pajamas and all the lot. Granted all of these is fun because its breaking the fashion rule but lets keep breaking the “RULES” to the fashion world alone because as you all know there is a time and place for everything for instance all this “breaking the rules” is limited to everywhere other than the work place, you should also keep it that way with your church wear.

While we listed dressing to church as something ‘modest’ we also know for a fact that modest fashion can also be supper stylish. While pieces like cut out tanks and mini skirts wouldn’t be making it to this list, there are still other stylish rather than outlandish pieces that you could try out.

For Sunday its all about the need to worship gracefully but how can you do that without compromising your love for fashion? Here, below is a selection of church-appropriate looks that would keep you looking stylish;

Bolanle Olukanni

Hello World

Chika Ike

Karen All

Karen All

Monica Awe-Etuk

Sade Akinosho

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