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The search for modest fashion is a lot more than you can imagine. The eccentric style’s and glamorous looks can only be worn by a hand full of people this is because it takes so much effort and attitude to be able to pull off many eccentric and glamorous styles.

A lot of people search up modest styles on the internet; according to a uk source over 500% people search up these words on pinterest not to talk about using the internet search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc).

Fashion is a popular practice that is based on style and trend and the world of clothing’s, accessories, cosmetics, beauty etc has become a billion dollar industry and according to reports its going to triple in effect in a few years time.

This goes to show that many people in the world (and yes it doesn’t have to do with your religion or race) are into looking good. Looking good by definition depends on your personality and what you believe in, for example looking good in Nigeria involves the African print fabric.

The African print fabric (Ankara, kitenge, akosombo, kente, dashiki) is renowned in most places of the world because it is attributed to our glorious continent. This fabric is something the we behold with great pride as it tells us about our history and culture.

Because, the African print is a fabric that can be custom tailored to suit you, it becomes easier to get what you want exactly. Here’s a look book that contains modest Ankara styles that you can try out…


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These modest Ankara styles are for every kind of girl; the beauty is that they are not bland or ordinary which are the two adjectives many novice associate the word “modest” with. So make sure you pick the style that you feel you’ll be comfortable in.

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