Religion is a gift that we have been giving and being a Christian is a lifestyle and not just a form of the worlds religion. As a christian there are so many things that we have been thought and among them is how to dress. The idea of modesty is not about hiding yourself or having a lack of confidence it’s just all about preserving what it means to be a christian and a follower of the word.

“Modesty isn’t about hiding yourself, it’s about preserving your dignity!” Tim Chaddick

Already you can see from the quote above what we are talking about. A huge part of modesty for the church has to do with what you wear especially to church. There is an unspoken rule among church goers and that rule is to wear your Sunday best but in a way that wouldn’t cause any distractions whatsoever to the next person. For example, if you want to wear jewelry then your jewelry must not be blinding because technically blings don’t disturb the wearer rather they make those around the wearer uncomfortable s also the types of clothes you wear especially to church.

We have a few modest and non distracting church outfit ideas that we would like you to be inspired by. Hopefully you find them motivating enough…


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Did you find these modest and non distracting church outfit ideas motivating? Tell us in the comment section below we would like to know what your thoughts are. Share!

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