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I’d like to welcome everyone of us to the world of mini-me fashion; a world where mothers dress their children in scaled-down versions of their favourite outfits, from cocktail dresses to designer skinny jeans, cashmere coats and even kitten heels. However, creating a tiny version of yourself may be tempting, but it could have a surprising impact on your on-trend tot.

Yes! It has always been argued that the phrase ‘mini-me’ has started to morph from a novelty expression to a term with negative connotations. Thus, an increasing number of mental health experts believe mums who shape their kids into small versions of themselves would be better off encouraging their individuality.

On the flip side, there’s no dodging the fact that the way we dress our children has become something of a national obsession. Research has it that the average child’s wardrobe is now worth more than thousands of Naira; mums spend more money on clothes for their children than for themselves or 
their partners.

How funny life could be! Well, you can’t blame mums, reason being that their little girls are their other images therefore, they don’t care how much they spend on these kids. This preoccupation with our children’s grooming isn’t just limited to designer outfits in the style of our own. It’s one thing dressing your kids in a way you love, but what about exact replicas of what you wear yourself? There’s a growing demand for outfits that are essentially just scaled-down versions of adult clothes and, on the high street, you have all the lookalike ranges. Thus, the mini-me fashion says it all.

Here are the flattering styles you should see;


Hello World



Sophia Momodu

Zoey Madiaon



It’s all about the mini-me fashion trend!

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