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I was having a discussion with my friend who is about to leave the country on vacation and while discussing we got into food and then she said “For the life of me I can’t seem to get used to white people’s food”; yes this is someone who stayed abroad for more than 7 years and travels at least once every year and you would assume that she would have gotten used to their food by now but nope, she isn’t having it.

Do I blame my friend of course not, its actually very hard to get used to “White people’s food” because we have so many delicious, tasty and spicy delicacies in this country. Inter tribal marriages and mixing up in the big cities has made it easy for us to learn from each other and hence we now prepare different dishes from different tribes in our various homes.

Yam Fritters

Yam Fritters

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Ojojo recipe

Yam Fritters

I remember in an interview with Eku Edewor, she was asked “What are the things you love most about nigeria” and one of her answers was the food. We in nigeria are diverse in culture tradition and food, our food gives us life and its really hard to resist. Today we are on a journey to bring you a snack from the Western part of nigeria, this street food brings a lot of memories, I almost never failed to save money so that at the end of the day I would visit the road side seller to purchase 20 naira (back when 20 naira was worth something) of Ojojo (yam fritters) from the bus stop.

Yam Fritters

Yam Fritters / Ojojo

Yes Nigerian water Yam fritters aka OJOJO is our soul food snack of the day, lets watch YouTube Vlogger Bukie’s Kitchen has she teaches us how to prepare this fun snack.

Source: YouTube Channel Bukie’s Kitchen

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