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Replacing the ‘flambouyant’ nature of the aso ebi style is totally going to be hard to achieve. I once saw a clip from an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” where the bride was a Nigerian. In this episode the bride tried on a very lovely dress but it didn’t make her feel like a bride and she uttered “I don’t want to wear something that another wedding guest might wear to my wedding” and he host responded “who would wear something like this to a wedding”. Well you see the bride was very correct, even though it was a pretty dress, It really looked like one of the least modish aso ebi styles we have here in Nigeria. The culture is laced with defined and aesthetically pleasing constructs that just connect to the heart of the celebration. We interpret the term “Celebration” as a means to show off and wear the most elaborate and not so random thing. I guess this is what I totally love about the right of self-expression and the rebellious nature of our wedding parties.

And true to our nature, we are bringing you modish aso ebi styles that connects us to our true nature of flamboyancy. These aso ebi styles are going to make you look different, exaggerated and so damn beautiful. The crafting and the presentation of the styles are everything you want right now, let’s take a look…

Modish Aso Ebi Styles | Look-Book


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Be Inspired By The Beautiful Representation Of Culture…

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