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Nigerian women are now known to wear gele to different events. These beautiful  African pieces give women the sophisticated edge. They were usually worn with traditional attire in the past, but these days they are combined with a variety of outfits in a unique way. Some women don’t wear gele just because they don’t know how to tie it.

Every woman should learn how to wear their gele themselves to avoid incomplete dressing when going for an occasion.  However, if you are not gifted with the art of tying the gele, there are a number of ready made options available with make up artists.

The material of the gele plays a large factor when creating a style. If the fabric is hard it has the advantage of creating a style that would hold for hours however if the material is too stiff to the touch like a carpet feel it will be difficult to manipulate the style.

Embroidered gele are very pretty and stands out very well with all the details of the sequins e.t.c but can also prove stubborn to tie due to the stiffness of the embroidery. It can provide many styles whether small, large or fancy. It’s versatile, stays in place and can be worn again and again without comprising on the effect if it’s secured well in place.

Another aspect which should be taken into consideration is the bold or varied design/patterns on the material which must be showcased beautifully and not hidden within the style as the whole effect would be lost.

Therefore Here are 6 styles for you to see….


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