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Every time am reminded that there are so many gorgeous style icons that hustle and work hard to carve a nitch for themselves, this young women are powerful in their own way. Today we celebrate Nuri designs leading lady, Anita Amstrong aka @pinkberry991 (Instagram) who has decided to break into the world of swim wear and fashion, taking a bold step Anita Amstrong choose to go into swim wear designs which is perhaps the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Aside from being an achiever Anita Armstrong has a rare sense of style, she pushes the boundary with her style choices, you can’t tell how she would look tomorrow because she might just adorn something different and unexpected and that’s the beauty of her style. Here’s why we love Anita Amstrong aka @pinkberry991’s;

She steps out glowing in every chic way, mixing leopard print in the most eye popping way (yup you didn’t think of it).


Hello World

Then she takes a cue from the style closet of a bad b***h, bringing us an irresistible blend of badass and glam. You’ve got to love this look, you can’t help it.


After showing us another another side of her she goes ahead and takes us to sexy school and lectures us on how to be subtle but sexy at the same time, if you don’t learn a thing or two well you never might.


Then she brings out her inner nerd, and we have to say she nailed it.


Then she decides her next aim is to go blonde, you just have to admit she looks fierce rather than bimbo-ish.

Blonde Ambition

And Finally, she says I can be a lady, and an Elegant one at that… So you just have to admit she looks absolutely Amazing!!!






 Anita always slays whether she’s a blondie,whether she decides to go for a mint colored or grey colored hair Anita Amstrong’s style is fierce.

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